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Transform Into An Unforgettable Keynote Speaker In Just 60 Days: Master The Art Of Public Speaking & Influence Like Never Before!

Speak, Inspire, Lead: Your Route to Becoming a Visionary Speaker

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Elevate Your Oratory Skills to Unprecedented Heights…

Embrace The Mindful and Intentional Presentation Approach: Transform Into a Captivating Speaker and Industry Influencer in Just 60 Days

Your journey to becoming a sought-after keynote speaker begins here: conquer public speaking anxiety, master emotional intelligence, and leave a lasting impact on every audience.

Your Personalized Path to Oratory Excellence

in Just 60 Days:

Initial Deep-Dive Consultation

Our journey begins with a comprehensive, insightful conversation about your current challenges in public speaking. We delve deep into the origins of obstacles such as imposter syndrome and anxiety, setting the stage for a tailored learning experience.

This critical first step ensures that the program is aligned with your unique needs and goals, paving the way for a transformational journey.

Holistic Mind-Body Preparation

The initial phase of our program is dedicated to preparing your mind, body, breath, and spirit for the art of public speaking. You'll learn and practice essential relaxation, anxiety reduction, and mental focusing techniques, transforming them into a daily routine.

This holistic approach not only equips you with the tools for on-stage confidence but also fosters a deeper sense of personal well-being and self-awareness, crucial for effective communication.

Customized Presentation Mastery

In the program's second phase, you'll be introduced to a series of tailored presentation techniques. These methods are designed to ensure your speeches create the desired impact and resonate with your audience. From structuring compelling content to mastering dynamic delivery, every aspect is crafted to transform you into a persuasive orator.

This stage is pivotal in helping you find your unique voice and style, ensuring that you not only inform but also inspire your audience

Ongoing Skills Refinement

Our program emphasizes continuous personal development and adjustment of your public speaking skills. We regularly assess which techniques align with your speaking style and thought processes, making necessary refinements for maximum effectiveness.

This iterative process ensures that the skills you acquire are not just theoretical but are deeply integrated into your unique approach to public speaking, making your growth consistent and sustainable.

Advanced Memory and Emotional Mastery

Building on a strong foundation, we introduce advanced techniques like the Loci memory system and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These methods are crucial for enhancing memory recall and shifting your emotional state from anxiety to confidence.

By mastering these techniques, you'll gain control over your stage presence, allowing you to navigate any speaking scenario with poise and assurance. This stage is essential in helping you maintain focus and clarity during your presentations, ensuring your message is delivered with impact.

Comprehensive Non-Verbal Communication Training

We delve into the nuanced world of non-verbal communication, training you in body language and micro-facial expressions. This in-depth exploration helps you connect with your audience on a more profound level, making your speeches more persuasive and impactful.

Understanding and utilizing these subtle cues elevates your ability to engage and influence your audience, setting you apart as a speaker who can not only communicate but also connect on a deeper emotional level.

Practical Application and Speech Mastery

In the concluding stages, you'll apply all the skills and knowledge you've acquired to craft and deliver powerful 'About Me' and 'Impromptu' speeches. We also focus on refining your speech delivery, eliminating filler words to ensure your presentation is polished and impactful.

This final phase is where you see your transformation into a confident and influential speaker come to life, equipping you with the ability to leave a lasting impression on any audience you address.

From the Desk of

Jared Kelner

Founder of The Mindful and Intentional Presentation Approach

What's the biggest hurdle for professionals poised to become influential keynote speakers or future sales leaders?

It's not just about mastering content; it's about conquering the fear and anxiety of public speaking. With numerous clients transformed, I've witnessed this struggle time and time again. Professionals launch into their speaking careers, only to be hindered by self-doubt, anxiety, and lack of compelling delivery. They miss out on refining the art of persuasion and emotional intelligence, essential for captivating and influencing large audiences.

The reality?

It's not your fault.

The market is flooded with generic public speaking courses that offer surface-level solutions. They fail to address the deeper psychological barriers like imposter syndrome and fear that keep you from reaching your full potential. As a professional, you need more than just techniques; you need a transformation.

That's where The Mindful and Intentional Presentation Approach differs. We understand the nuances of public speaking. We offer a 60-day intensive journey, blending cutting-edge psychological strategies with presentation artistry.

This program is meticulously designed to turn every stage into your platform of power, ensuring you not only captivate your audience but also inspire and influence them.

We don't just teach you how to speak; we transform you into an orator. By managing and shifting your emotional states, you'll engage audiences with confidence and authenticity.

This isn't just about improving your speaking skills; it's about elevating your entire professional presence and opening doors to opportunities that were previously unattainable.

We Craft The Mindful and Intentional Presentation Approach Specifically For Your Speaking Success

You don't need to navigate the complex world of public speaking alone. Mastering the art of presentation and overcoming psychological barriers like imposter syndrome, anxiety, and fear is our expertise.

With extensive experience in transforming professionals into influential orators, we understand exactly what it takes to captivate and inspire large audiences. We create a personalized pathway for you, infusing our proven methodologies with your unique style and goals.

This isn't about generic training; it's a transformative journey tailored just for you. We take you through a comprehensive process, starting with a deep understanding of your current struggles, followed by tailored training in mind-body preparation, presentation techniques, memory enhancement, and emotional intelligence.

This journey ensures that you not only learn but also embody the skills necessary to engage, influence, and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Let us help you turn every stage into your platform of power, where you don't just inform but inspire.

But Don't Just Take My Word For It....

Transformation Case Studies

Revolutionized Confidence and Presence for a Division Head

A Division Head at a Global Financial Investment company faced significant challenges with relaxation, breath control, and focus prior to her presentations, impacting her effectiveness and audience connection.

Engaging with The Mindful and Intentional Presentation Approach, she immersed herself in the first three training modules, dedicated to mastering mind and body preparation. This journey led her to rapidly acquire the necessary relaxation and focusing skills. The result was a transformative change in her stage presence.

She began to approach each presentation with a newfound sense of calm, connectedness, and centered energy, leading to enhanced audience engagement and leaving a lasting, positive impact on her professional image and effectiveness in high-stakes environments.

Dramatic Speaking Transformation for a Marketing VP

Tasked with speaking at the company's annual customer appreciation festival, a Marketing Vice President at an International Publishing Company faced a daunting challenge, given his history of sub-par communication skills and the underwhelming experiences of past audiences.

However, his journey through The Mindful and Intentional Presentation Approach marked the beginning of a profound transformation. The program's blend of psychological strategies and presentation artistry enabled him to refine his speaking abilities significantly.

He learned to engage his audience with confidence and authenticity, transforming his presentations into memorable experiences. This dramatic improvement not only elevated the quality of the event but also bolstered his reputation as an influential and skilled communicator within his professional community.

Elevate Your Speaking Skills and Influence On Stage with A Proven Method!

The cornerstone of becoming a successful keynote speaker or a persuasive sales leader is mastering the art of public speaking. Embrace a tried-and-tested approach tailored for your success with The Mindful and Intentional Presentation Approach.

Within just 60 days, we transform you from a hesitant speaker to a powerful orator. No more guesswork or unguided attempts at improving your public speaking.

Our system, refined through extensive experience and success stories, launches you into a journey where every stage becomes a platform for your power and influence.

Master the Art of Influential Public Speaking and Command Every Stage

Transform your public speaking skills and become the speaker who captivates and inspires.

With The Mindful and Intentional Presentation Approach, you embark on a 60-day journey that guarantees to turn every stage into your platform of power. We blend advanced psychological strategies with expert presentation techniques, equipping you to conquer public speaking anxiety and project unwavering confidence.

This is your path to not just inform, but to leave an indelible mark as an eloquent, memorable, and persuasive speaker, opening doors to new opportunities and skyrocketing your influence in your industry.

The Mindful and Intentional Speaker’s Journey

Foundational Preparation

The initial phase of our program is focused on building a solid foundation in mind, body, breath, and spirit preparation. Here, you will acquire key techniques for relaxation, anxiety reduction, and mental focusing, which will become integral parts of your daily routine.

This foundational work is crucial for cultivating the calm and presence needed for effective public speaking.

Tailored Techniques

As you progress, the program delves into a series of curated presentation techniques, meticulously chosen to ensure your speeches resonate with and captivate your audience.

This phase is dedicated to refining your delivery, enhancing your storytelling abilities, and ensuring your message is both powerful and memorable.

Continuous Customization
and Feedback

Throughout your journey, we constantly check in with you, ensuring the techniques align with your unique speaking style and thought processes.

This ongoing adjustment process is vital for ensuring the skills you learn are not just theoretical but are deeply integrated into your personal approach to public speaking.

Advanced Memory and Emotional Control

Once a strong foundation is established, we introduce advanced memory techniques and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to enhance recall and control over your emotional states.

Mastering these techniques will empower you to navigate any speaking scenario with confidence, ensuring you can focus on delivering your message effectively.

Body Language Mastery

The final stages of the program involve deep dives into the world of body language and micro-facial expressions.

By understanding and mastering these subtle communication cues, you'll be able to connect with your audience on a deeper level, enhancing your ability to persuade and influence.

Practical Application

Your transformation culminates in the practical application of your new skills. We focus on crafting compelling 'About Me' and 'Impromptu' speeches, refining your delivery to eliminate filler words and perfect your stage presence.

This final step ensures you leave the program as a confident, influential, and inspiring speaker.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this program for?

It's ideal for professionals aspiring to become keynote speakers or leaders who want to refine their presentation skills and emotional intelligence.

How long is the program?

The program spans 60 days, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Is any prior experience in public speaking required?

No, the program is designed for individuals at various levels, from beginners to those with some experience in public speaking.

What makes this program different from other public speaking courses?

Our program uniquely blends psychological strategies with practical presentation techniques, offering a holistic approach to public speaking.

What will I learn in this program?

You will learn relaxation, anxiety reduction, presentation skills, memory techniques, emotional control, and more, aimed at enhancing your public speaking abilities.

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